Port Wines - Aged Tawny

They represent a blend of several batches oh Tawny Port, with different lengths of time in casks, and whose age average is stated on the label.

Port Wines - Single Harvest

The portuguese word ‘Colheita’ means harvest and Colheita Port is a tawny Port from a single harvest. Rather than being blended to a house style, Colheita provides a taste of a particular year and should represent its characteristics and maturation process. Colheita ports are normally aged for long periods of time, 8 years being the minimum allowed.

Port Wines - Late Bottled Vintage

The Late Bottled Vintage, commonly known as LBV, is made from a selection of high quality grapes from a single harvest and aged in wood prior to its bottling that can occur between the 4th and te 6th year after the harvest. This wod aging encourages the wine’s development and it is therefore ready to drink sooner than a Vintage Port.

Port Wines - Vintage

The “ne plus ultra” of Port wine, the absolute best selection of grapes from a single harvest, Vintage Ports remain in vat for two years before bottling. They are the most concentrated, structured and tannins of all Ports, ready to endure a lifelong aging in bottle, where they will evolve and acquire and unmatchable elegance and harmony.

Port Wines - Reserve Tawny

A Tawny Reserve must spend at least 6 years maturing in wood to qualify for its “Reserve” status. The additional aging gives the Reserve a more mature character and greater depth of flavor.

Port Wines - Reserve Ruby

Offering a different degree of complexity and sophistication than a regular ruby, the Reserve must be approved by the IVDP, the entity that regulates all the production and trade of Port wines.

Port Wines - Pink

Pink Port, the latest style of Port, is made in the same way as a traditional rosé wines with the free run juice from the first pressing of the grapes.

Port Wines - Special Formats

New formats to taste the quality that has always been there. With special gifts and tastings in mind, we have created distinctive packaging and bottles.

Moscatel - Moscatel do Douro

Moscatel do Douro is produced from manually harvested grapes and aged in oak barrels for at least three years in our facilities in Douro Superior.




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